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Archinya Ingram
VP of Business and Finance
803-327-7402 ext. 244

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Additional Business Office Contacts:

Ms. Kendra Craig
Student Accounts Manager/Accounting Clerk
803-327-7402 ext. 225
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Business & Finance

The Director of Business & Finance is the chief financial officer of the college with responsibilities encompassing all campus budgetary units.  Our goal is to promote the highest standards of accounting and financial reporting services to the needs of the students, faculty, staff and service providers of the college.
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Student Accounts
The Office of Business and Finance has the responsibility of processing all financial information regarding student accounts during their enrollment at Clinton Junior College. Please read below regarding student accounts policies/procedures and to obtain general student account information.
Tuition and Fees
CLICK HERE FOR 2010-2011 Tuition and Fee Schedule
Payment Policy
All tuition and fees are due at registration. Students receiving financial aid will be allowed to register for classes providing their financial aid awards can be verified and certified by the Financial Aid Office. Any tuition and fees that will not be covered through Financial Aid have to be paid at registration.
It is vitally important for students to complete their Financial Aid by July 15th, if they plan to receive financial aid so that we can ensure that your financial aid will be available to cover your tuition and fee cost. If your financial aid has not been completed prior to registration, you will be responsible for paying your tuition in order to register for classes. You student account bill has to be settled prior to your registration and admittance into class.
How Do I Pay for College?

Payment Options

1.) Financial Aid

Visit and complete the financial aid application to see if you qualify for Title IV grant funds (Pell Grant).  You can also apply for student loans.  In order to ensure that your financial aid is processed before registration, students should have all financial aid information complete by July 15th to ensure that financial aid is verified prior to registration.


2.) Cash Payment

We accept payments in full with cash, money order or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).


3.) Scholarships


4.) Monthly Payment

See monthly payment policy (below)

Monthly payment policy

Monthly payments plans are available for cash paying students. Students agreeing to the monthly payment policy must sign the agreement. The minimum payment to start the monthly payment plan is 40% of the total tuition and fees. The balance due must be made in equal installments. The first payment is due 30 days after registration. Each additional payment will be due in 30 day increments until balance is paid in full.

If a student fails to maintain monthly payments, as agreed in the monthly payment agreement, the balance will be due immediately. Students are responsible for the balance even if they withdraw from courses in accordance with the refund and adjustment schedule.

We accept cash, money order & credit card
(Visa or MasterCard)

Any payments or credits received are allocated to the oldest pending account balance. It is the policy of the institution that all registration fees are due and payable on registration day. However, the institution recognizes that financial emergency may sometimes make it difficult for the student to render payment in full on registration. Therefore, students who have no delinquent accounts with the College, nor have defaulted on any previous financial obligations acquired at the College, are given special consideration and may be allowed, at the discretion of the Director of Business and Finance or designee, to defer payment of fees. All monthly payment agreements will be documented by a signed promissory note, Failure to comply with the terms of the monthly payment agreement may result in the following actions:

  • All grade reports will be retained by the College.
  • The student will not receive transcripts
  • The student will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester until all financial obligations are settled.
  • All future monthly payment privileges may be revoked.
  • Student cannot take final exams
Once a student's records have been retained for nonpayment of fees, reinstatement will require submission of a $75 administrative charge.

Failure to Pay

If payment is not made on time, the College can require immediate payment of the entire balance, including late payment charges

Student Account Hold/Delinquent Accounts

Clinton Junior College has the right without prior notice, to stop or suspend the extension of credit and to withhold services and registration for classes if the required minimum monthly payments per monthly payment agreement are not made on time. 
Students with an outstanding balance and no payment plan in place or students that are not current in their payments will have a hold placed on their account. Holds will restrict students from registering for classes, receiving diplomas and receiving official transcripts. The account must be paid in full in order for the hold to be removed.


Grades and Transcripts

The College has the option of withholding grade reports, transcripts, and other information if an account is in a delinquent status.


Additional Fees

During the course of the semester or year, students may incur additional fees, fines, or assessments that must be paid in full at the time they are billed.


Enrolled Students

Pre-registration occurs approximately at midterm for the following term. Students with outstanding balances will receive a letter advising them that registration for the following term is conditional.
If the college does not receive full payment of the outstanding balance by the end of the term (a specific date is given) or have a payment plan established, it will cancel the pre-registration for the following term. A student paying in full after the cancellation would have to re-register, risking closed classes.



If a student has a credit balance on their account due to an overpayment by the student, a student grant, scholarship or loan, a refund check will be issued.  The Business Office will inform student if they have a refund check to be issued.


For questions regarding student accounts, please contact:
Kendra Craig, Student Accounts Manager/Accounting Clerk
803-327-7402 ext. 225

Student Fees
All students are assessed fees during registration. Every enrolling student must pay the necessary fees in order to complete the registration process. If the necessary fees are not paid, the student will not be allowed to complete the registration process, register for classes or move in the residence halls. The following fees must be paid at registration:

Registration Fee:
The registration fee is $350.00 for every student (incoming freshmen and returning students) who will be enrolling with a full-time status (12 or more credit hours).
Part-time students (less than 12 credit hours) pay a $50.00 registration fee.
All registration fees must be paid no later than August 17th for incoming freshmen and August 23rd for returning students. All students (including basketball players who receive scholarships) must pay the registration fee in order to register for Clinton Junior College.


ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS: CASH, CREDIT CARD (Visa or MasterCard) or Certified Money Order. Personal Checks will not be accepted.

Tuition and other fees:
Please see enclosed tuition fee schedule. All tuition and other fees must be paid prior to finalizing registration. Students who will be receiving federal aid (FAFSA) to assist with paying tuition cost and other fees are responsible for ensuring that all financial aid documentation have been completed and verified prior to registration. If the student’s financial aid is not complete, the student’s tuition will have to be paid via cash, credit card or money prior to completing registration.
Go to to complete federal financial aid application for financial aid assistance. Please contact Sadie Pye-Jumper at 803-327-7402 ext. 240 for questions regarding financial aid or to check the status of your financial process.

Dorm Room Deposit:
All students who will live in the on-campus residence halls must pay the $150.00 refundable room deposit fee prior to moving in the dorms. This $150.00 will be refunded at the end of the academic year provided there are no damages accessed in your assigned room.


Information coming soon!


- Staff Vacancies

- Faculty Vacancies

- Employment Application

- W-4 Form

- I-9 Employee Verification Forms
Staff Vacancies


No positions available at this time

Faculty Vacancies


Professor of African American Studies-Part-Time
Must have a Masters Degree in African American Studies. Preference will be given to applicant with 3 or more years of experience teaching on a college level.

Part-time Position for Speech Professor
Must have a Masters Degree in Speech. Preference will be given to applicant with 3 or more years of experience teaching on a college level.

For more information and position descriptions contact the
Vice President for Academic Affairs at (803) 327-7402 ext. 226 or email:


W-4 Form

I-9 Employee Verification Forms






Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of payments do you accept?
    Answer—CASH, MONEY ORDERS, CREDIT CARDS (Visa or MasterCard)
  2. Can I set-up a payment plan?
    Answer—Yes.  You can visit the business office to discuss the details of setting up a payment plan.
  3. I am expecting a financial aid refund; can I pay my registration fee through my refund?
    Answer—No. All registration fees have to be paid prior to or during registration (cash, money order or credit card) and are non-refundable.
  4. What is the registration fee?
    Answer— It is a fee assessed to all students who are registering to enroll at Clinton Junior College.  This fee is paid during the fall semester in which a student is enrolled at CJC. 
  5. Do non-traditional students pay the registration fee?
    Answer—Yes. Non-traditional students pay the registration fee.   If they are taking less than 2 classes, the registration fee is $50.00 for non-traditional students.
  6. I am a basketball player on scholarship; do I have to pay the registration fee?
    Answer - Yes, all registering students must pay the $350.00.  Please contact the Office of Business & Finance at 803-327-7402 ext. 244 if you have questions regarding this fee.
  7. Do re-enrolling students pay the registration fee?
    Answer - Yes, all students (incoming freshmen and returning students) pay the registration fee at the beginning of each new academic year.
  8. Do students who use the CJC faculty/staff tuition benefit pay the registration fee?
    Answer - Yes, registration fees apply to all registered students, including those who receive the faculty/staff tuition benefit.  Questions about the registration fee should be referred to the Office of Business & Finance, at (803) 327-7402 ext. 244 or extension 225.

For all questions regarding student fees and payment methods, please contact the Office of Business and Finance at 803-327-7402 (Mrs. Ingram ext. 244) or (Ms. Craig ext. 225).


Regular Business Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30am – 4:30pm
Regular Business Hours Begin August 9th, 2010

Summer Hours – Monday through Thursday
9:00am – 4:00pm

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